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Professional Early Intervention
Professional Early Intervention

Helping children grow

. . .through expression, learning, and therapy.

The goal for Professional Early Intervention Services is to assist families with at-risk or special needs children. We provide maximum opportunities for children to reach their full developmental potential.

�Professional Early Intervention Services is dedicated to providing educational, emotional, expressive, and learning opportunities that stimulate your child�s overall development.�

Our services include:

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Professional Early Intervention

Our Services

Professional Early Intervention

Speech Therapy
...helps children overcome speech impairments (such as stuttering and lisps) | more

Pro Early Intervention
Occupational Therapy children, helps them improve physical and social skills. | more
Professional Early Intervention Play Therapy a therapeutic intervention primarily for children birth to 3 years of age. | more

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Our Resources

At Professional Early Intervention, we want you to have all of the resources available to understand and help your child. Visit our online Resource Center to find information on young children and their development, our specialized therapy services and the necessary In-Take and Parent Questionnaire forms